Isabelle De Kleine

Isabelle de Kleine’s surrealistic artworks are explorations of identity, distorted reality and subjectivity expressed through figure, colour, shape and texture.

Inspired by the human experience, Isabelle explores the tenuous and abstract nature of reality and the unique ways individuals perceive the world around them. This fascination stems from her grandmothers experience with alzheimers, which impacted Isabelle from a young age. Her art became a coming to terms with the fallibility of the mind and shifting world of her grandmother. Finding the beauty within this uncomfortable reality.

Developing upon this, her paintings explore all kinds social issues, such as gender, beauty and the digitalisation of self, which are depicted through the distorted lens of the mind. Inspiring the idea that our identity is a collage, stitched together by our emotions, experiences, perception, and memory.

Since completing her bachelor of Fine Arts at RMIT University in 2016, Isabelle has received national recognition for her work with notable achievements including being awarded the Digital Portrait Award at The National Portrait Gallery (2015), the $10,000 Arkley Prize (2016) at the NotFair Art Fair and the Tolarno Hotel Painting Prize (2015).