Felicity Palmateer

Art and surfing are my two greatest passions, and I am never sure whether I am an artist who surfs, or a surfer who creates art.
Fortunately, my two passions do not struggle for supremacy and their reciprocal relationship never ceases to amaze me. For me, surfing creates a
natural synergy between self-expression, freedom and raw emotion that defies words and it is these sensations, or the perception of them, that inspired the Skin Deep art pieces.
The Skin Deep art pieces are a reflection of the emotions I experienced during the filming of the Skin Deep audio-visual performance art project. This project challenged me to step out of my comfort zone, to literally bare my all, and to expose my vulnerability in the quest for self-discovery and the pursuit of freedom.
The art pieces have been created on images captured at surfing locations in Fiji and Western Australia where segments of the performance art project were filmed. These images were superimposed with thin, white lined, abstract figures I created using white acrylic paint and a potters’ slip trailing tool. There were no second chances with this process and it took incredible concentration, a steady hand and an intrinsic ability to create free flowing lines that express the ebb and flow of the ocean and its promise of freedom.