Dean Home

Born in Busselton, Dean Home completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at Curtin University in 1981. After graduating, his focus was predominantly figurative painting, culminating in 2004 when he was commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery to paint Sir Gus Nossal AC, distinguished scientist and Australian of the Year in 2001.
Home changed paths to pursue still life as a genre, with his luscious compositions becoming widely recognised and seen as meditations on beauty and time, influenced by the wisdom of ancient Chinese poetry.

Latterly he has simplified the image and the nuance with the works governed by a new tranquillity. “I picked up some Chinese porcelain bowls at auction. They had a strong sense of landscape and finding them was something that totally unleashed my imagination… There are so many elements. It’s not about just choosing any object and painting it, that’s simply not enough. The composition has to resonate with me before I start a piece and every time I work, I get deeper and deeper into the process.”
Now, simplifying the background creates critical negative spaces that emphasises the peonies and vessels in these quieter paintings. “These works,” says Home, “discuss the synthesis and relationship between objects and nature… the challenges presented by composition… and the integrity of flowers.”
Home is represented in state, regional and private collections in Australia and abroad.