Craig Buchanan

‘My latest body of work is conceptually and formally grounded in my past life as a graphic artist, art director and photographer. I take inspiration from the counter-culture movements of the late 1960s, in particular the ‘Factory’ years in New York City, with references to Warhol, The Velvet Underground and Nico. The social misfits of this time and place -their absurdity, perversity and playfulness- have always fascinated me. Their stories recur throughout my work, allowing me to explore themes of beauty found in isolation, melancholy and the pain of loneliness that is often the human condition.
‘Composed of what may seem unrelated imagery taken from my photographic archive, I’m interested in blurring the lines between painting and printmaking giving the viewer a feeling of uncovering fleeting moments that are somehow connected.’ Craig Buchanan 2019